Fergus Ingledew

Der britische Ingenieur aus dem Geschäftsbereich Energy Systems berichtet von seinem Engagement bei der Expo 2020 in Dubai für den norwegischen Pavillon.

Please tell us about your role at the Expo Pavilion.

„The pavilion’s theme at the Expo 2020 Dubai, ‘Pioneering Sustainable Ocean Solutions’, is based on the Norwegian Government’s Ocean Strategy and Expo 2020 has enabled me to help promote Norwegian Ocean Industries and Ocean technologies, with a focus on how these industries can and will transit into a green shift and where Norway can align to the UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 – Life Below Water. It’s well aligned with my intention to contribute to sustainability regarding oceans.

My daily role in the Norwegian pavilion is very varied and involves interactions with the general public, industry experts and delegations from across the world. Visitors are invited to learn about Sustainable Ocean Solutions, and what Norway is doing today in the ocean space, and what we plan to do in the future to meet sustainability goals.

Additionally, I have been involved in talks and seminars, promoting Norway’s position as a world-leading ocean nation, and helping to raise important issues and discuss solutions, and often presented by Norwegian partners such as DNV.

But I’ve also found the time to do some recreational activities, including the Expo run race, which I ran with some Norwegian colleagues who also work at the pavilion!“

How did you get involved with your work for DNV in Dubai?

„As a graduate engineer I see my future career linked to sustainable energy industries and understand that the ocean space affords a huge area for investment and development of green infrastructure and jobs.

Back home in the UK, I’ve worked on Oil and Gas and Renewable projects for the onshore and offshore industry, and often read into DNV’s Outlooks for these industries.  

I volunteered to apply to the Expo 2020 Dubai secondment, as I looked forward to working on initiatives which would support the Paris Accord and outcomes from COP26.

Additionally, I could aid DNV in its pathway to supporting our customers to solve complex issues and accelerate progress in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.“

Can you use your professional skills for your work at the Expo?

„When working at the Norway pavilion, I’ve been able to use my engineering knowledge and interpersonal skills to help answer the many questions we get on the ocean space. In the pavilion we are often questioned by members of public, but also engineers from all over the world on the financial, environmental, logistical, and ethical implications of the technologies we are showcasing.

Of course, we also get many DNV engineers coming to the pavilion and it’s always a delight to meet someone new! I’ve also attended several talks and networking events, where my background experience with DNV comes in very handy. 

All in all, during my time at the Expo, I’ve certainly gained experience and development of the above skills and intend to further continue my work in the ocean space beyond my secondment.“

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