Strom und Erneuerbare Energien

Test tools for security standards

2016 Global Innovation Project

Without electricity, modern society would collapse, making the generation, transmission and distribution of vital importance for today’s lives and businesses. Critical energy infrastructures are getting more and more dependent on IT components and the internet. The increased complexity and attack surfaces for cybercrime requires advanced test tools to ensure a future proof, resilient, reliable and cyber secured energy infrastructure. As technology develops, so will there be a continuous need for upgrading the suite of existing communication protocol test tools for conformance and functional testing. And, new test tools must be developed.

Vendor technology providers require independent testing services and test tools to provide standardized and approved secure ‘off the shelf’ smart meter and -grid devices. Network operators require the implementation and require vendor technology providers to go through a test program via an independent third party test laboratory.

The security requirements outlined in international standards are currently capturing the attention of utilities and manufacturers worldwide for protecting and securing their critical infrastructures. At this moment, there are no test tools available to test the implementation of these standards related to smart meters and other smart grid equipment. This innovation project includes conformance of cyber security standards and specifications into DNV GL’s product portfolio and complements the existing health and end to end testing services by adding a functional and stability test tool. This will extend the scope of the health tests by adding a conformance and functional test tool to verify compliance, stability and functionality aspects of security standards for network operators. The first supported standard will be the IEC 62351 and fits perfectly in the product acceptance tests done by network operators.

The DNV GL protocol test tools are essential tools for vendor technology providers to validate their implementations during development and before official conformance testing. Using our test tools during product development ensures passing the conformance test without major issues and delays. On the other hand, our tools assure network operators that procured and installed devices are compliant to the requested standards and specifications.