Electric vehicles and EV charging integration

Professional independent services help stakeholders navigate the electric vehicle revolution and maximise opportunities.

The adoption of electric vehicles and EV integration will rise dramatically. By the mid-2020s, half of all new cars sold in Europe will be electric, with other regions around the world following soon after. But the industry needs help to drive down the total cost of ownership, improve vehicle range and seamlessly integrate charging infrastructure. Different industry stakeholders involved each face their own challenges to meet this new demand. Vehicle and battery manufacturers need to assess or prove battery performance and quality. Distribution system operators must ensure reliable grid operation whilst enabling efficient and effective deployment of charging points. Governments and municipalities need to ensure policies are effective and make best use of lessons learnt from other industries and countries. And charge point operators and power suppliers want to maximise the opportunities that electric vehicles present.

Easing the challenge for all stakeholders 
We are passionate about accelerating the transition to low-carbon, zero emission transport, offering the professional independent services to support stakeholders on every step of the electric vehicle journey.

Driving down the total cost of ownership

  • Our experienced and robust EV services support the flexible testing of batteries and charging equipment, enabling products to get to market swiftly and safely. Our detailed battery testing – including comprehensive battery testing facilities and database – provides the ultimate confidence in battery safety and performance.
  • We have the foresight and expertise to provide reliable advise on smart charging and vehicle to grid solutions, enabling power suppliers, charge point operators, vehicle manufacturers and ultimately vehicle owners, to maximise vehicle revenue opportunities, whilst minimising battery degradation.
  • By harnessing our extensive power system knowledge, we help distribution and transmission system operators to minimise EV charging impact on the grid. We can also model future EV uptake scenarios, identify potential congestion and recommend mitigating actions. Ultimately, this will lead to lower costs for charger integration and lower charging costs for vehicle owners.

Improving vehicle range

  • Utilising our test facilities, we can support vehicle and battery manufacturers to achieve optimum battery performance in a range of environmental conditions, including evaluating degradation profiles for all current design chemistries.
  • DNV applies decades of electrical design and battery knowledge, combined with more than 10 years of supporting the EV industry, to provide battery management systems advice, enabling maximum performance whilst maintaining safety thresholds.

Seamlessly integrating charging infrastructure
All EV owners want the reassurance that they will be able to charge their vehicle where and when they want. To make this a reality for the millions of EVs soon to be in use on the world’s roads, DNV provides:

  • Support for charge point operators. As their networks expand, providing a review of safety regulations, supporting electrical design, evaluating new markets and business models, and supporting programme and supply chain management becomes of paramount importance.
  • Optimisation of charging infrastructure, assessing potential utilisation, grid connections and installation costs, to select optimum locations.
  • Support for governments and municipalities in assessing and recommending EV policy, and monitoring impact.
  • Supporting the finance community in conducting technical due diligence, reducing risk and facilitating sound investments in charging infrastructure.

Industry-wide expertise
Well established in the electric vehicle market for independent testing, certification, and due diligence, DNV’s broad expertise and substantial technical know-how can help you with a tailored service based on real-world industry experience.

Comprehensive battery testing facilities which are complemented by the biggest independent database of battery testing data. Furthermore, our understanding extends from transport battery, propulsion and charging systems to safety implications and policy implementation.

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