A broader view into the future: Research and innovation for a safer, smarter and greener future. We believe in the power of technology and that innovation and collaboration can lead to a safe and sustainable world. That is why we invest around five per cent of our annual revenue in innovation and research.

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We invest in the future through long-term strategic research, innovation projects and by constantly developing the skills and technical excellence of our own people.

In addition, we believe that the best results come from close collaboration with our customers, industry partners and external experts. We bring together expertise from all these parties and share our experience and knowledge by developing technical standards and recommended practices. These are used by many of the leading companies across the world to constantly raise the bar for safety, quality, environmental and operational performance.

Long-term strategic research
Our strategic research programmes currently include the following areas: 

  • Maritime Transport
  • Information Technology
  • Materials
  • Healthcare
  • Oil & Gas and Energy Systems
  • Climate Change
  • Power Systems and Electrification

Our goal is to build new knowledge and find solutions that will lead to a safer, more sustainable future.

Joint Industry Projects
Varying in size, complexity and the number of partners involved, our Joint Industry Projects share a common goal: to solve a specific technical need and, where possible, develop a new standard or technology that benefits industry at large. We initiate more than 40 joint industry projects every year. 

Extraordinary Innovation projects
Each year, cross-disciplinary, international project teams in DNV GL are formed to explore a specific field of technology or draft a new concept to be tested in the market. The ambition is to sketch out new ideas which might lead to new business opportunities within a two-year horizon. 

Technology Leadership Programmes
At DNV GL, we aim to maintain our technology leadership in the following disciplines:

System perspective
  • Risk, reliability, human factors
  • Environmental risk 
  • Future management systems 
  • Gas value chain
Technical integration
  • Integrated machinery systems
  • Integrated systems and software
  • Future transmission and distribution system integration
Fundamental expertise
  • Hydrodynamics and advanced simulations
  • Structural integrity and fatigue
  • Materials and welding technology

Cutting Edge projects
The Cutting Edge programme is an open innovation initiative in which ideas for development projects are collected from creative DNV GL employees from around the world to address needs expressed by customers.